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September 7, 2019

I won’t waste your time by some generic cover letters that many are sending. I’ll be short and clear. I know my stuff, from White/Grey/Black Hat SEO, I know them all.
I have been doing SEO, link building, outreach for clients and my own web properties. I’m a self taught individual, and I want to work with clients that respect other people and are opened minded.
I actually want to help grow your business, not just make money to pay my bills. I’m highly skilled when it comes to SEO, and I’m not talking about mambo jumbo nonsense.
My skills go way beyond an average SEO. I don’t like technical stuff, but I know gazillion of SEO tools, and I’m super geeky when it comes to working with a new piece of software or finding “hacks” to be more productive.
I don’t like doing calls and talking. Psychology, content marketing, CRO, branding, user intent, email outreach, scraping data, finding link prospects, you name it.
My skills/specialties are listed below.
– Link Building
– Content recommendations for link earning
– Link prospecting
– On-page SEO
– Keyword research
– Content gap analysis Technical SEO
– Website migrations
– Site architecture
– Robots directives (robots.txt, robots meta tags, etc.)
– markup (Microdata and JSON-LD)
– Local SEO – Google My Business
– Citation building
– On-site SEO for local businesses Doing well at these activities requires something that I love to do— creative problem solving.
With SEO, there are always questions to answer and challenges to overcome. I like to analyze the data and come up with a well thought out, actionable plan of attack. Nothing feels better than taking a problem and turning it into a growth opportunity!
Digital Marketing Skills and Competences:
– Advanced Keyword Research
– Finding keywords that have high volume of traffic and easy competition using tools such as Market samurai, Ubbersuggest and Google keywords tool.
– Competitor analysis for selected keywords that consists of checking, on page optimization (Title tags ,H1 tag, meta keywords),what keywords are mentioned, social signals and overall traffic generation tactics of competition using Seoquake, Traffic Travis and Netpeak checker.
– Backlinks analysis of top competitors looking at several important metrics (page rank, obl count, anchor text, referring domains) by using Ahrefs, Seomoz, Majestic Seo and SeoSpyglass with an aim at replicating their results.
– Knowledge of the latest search engine techniques that include but are not limited to: Guest posting, PBNs, Site building and planning, Expired domains, Link building techniques (skyscraper, ego bait, web 2.0,various directories, press releases, paid services, profile creation, social bookmarking, infographics, etc.)
– Knowledgeable on every Google algorithm update.
– Facebook ads creation and optimization.
– Email marketing, squeeze pages and sequence creation.
– Split testing and optimization.
– Google Analytics and Webmaster tools data analysis.
– Usage of Scrapebox, Gsa Search Engine Ranker, Senuke X and similar software solutions for automating SEO.
– Usage and manipulation of major CMS in use today (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal)
– Full On Page optimization
– Setting out an entire website with pages targeting multiple keywords on each page to maximize earnings per page.
– Prioritizing & Systematizing content production, plus how to outsource it.
Seo Specialist/Outreach Manager
– Evaluated websites based on technical factors, on-page analysis, and backlink profiles to summarize the current SEO strength the site.
– Performed advanced keyword research to find top keywords from thousands that will contribute most traffics to company’s websites.
– Researched and developed SEO tactics based on available data and trends using a combination of resources provided by on-site experience and authoritative SEO tools
– Evaluated competitor backlink profiles in order to find link building opportunities. – Trained and led a team of 4 content writers to produce relevant and SEO rich content for outreach opportunities.
– Created links in order to increase search engine ranking of company sites that include but are not limited to: guest posts, web 2.0, forum links, PBNs, Directories, etc.
– Trained and led link builders in scaling guest posting, indentifying outreach opportunities and solving common issues that arise in communication with blog editors.


SO Thankful

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August 19, 2019

I am a dance instructor, fitness instructor, and personal trainer. I am constantly moving and always on the go. I have never been to a chiropractor, but was suffering from severe migraines. We were unable to locate a trigger or a medicine that would provide me any relief. They were knocking me out to the point where I wasn’t able to teach. I was referred by a dance mom and was very hesitant to go. I had a major back surgery two years ago due to being born with an extra vertebrae and my back has never been better so the thought of someone pushing on me caused me a lot of anxiousness. Upon arriving, I was made to feel very comfortable. They explained how everything worked and that I would not need to be pushed on. I barely even noticed the puff of year on the treatment. I instantly felt the dizziness I was experiencing disappear. It was amazing the immediate relief that it provided. I went over a month and a half without a migraine. I ended up getting another migraine and he felt my atlas out of place again, so did the treatment again and have been a week without one again!
So thankful for this gently and effective treatment! Blessed to have been referred to Dr. Woolley!

Sheena Gifford

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July 18, 2019



Truly Blessed

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July 16, 2019

We are truly blessed to have Dr. Woolley and staff in our community! They are very kind, courteous and accommodating. I highly recommend Dr. Woolley. The treatment is gentle and effective.
I was skeptical after the first (puff of air) treatment. I literally felt nothing. After years of aggressive and often times painful manual manipulations from regular chiropractic care and various invasive treatments from medical doctors I decided to put my skepticism aside and give Upper Cervical Care treatments that Dr. Woolley provided a chance. I am so glad that I did!!
Thank you Dr. Woolley and Staff

L. Durnen

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June 30, 2019

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